We are delighted to have received kind words from many of our parents and learners – it is our privilege to share some of these with you!

Dear Careen
Thank you for your support, for your caring, and most of all for your leadership. It has been what has set our school apart from others and has made my journey all the more enjoyable.
You have made a difference in many children’s lives, and anyone would be lucky to have you as their principal.

We are so grateful that Dillon went to My Tutor Centre, Linden.
Thank you again to all the wonderful, hardworking teachers that Dillon had at My Tutor Centre in 2011/2012; he has become the man he is today because of My Tutor Centre.
Ever grateful, we spread the word on how great your establishment is to all who listen.

Yours sincerely
Sha & Paul

Just a quick note to congratulate you all on a fantastic evening on Friday last week (Theatre Evening). As parents, Chezi and I, as well as our spouses, were pleasantly surprised and very pleased at how the evening turned out. The effort and thinking that went into the entire evening was wonderful; well done.

Warm regards
Stuart M

I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for what Careen and the rest of the tutors did and meant for Daniel over the past two years. Rest assured that both Daniel and I will always be ambassadors for what you guys are doing there at My Tutor Centre. I do believe that if it wasn’t for Careen and crowd, Daniel would not have been in the position to sit for his final examination… Please convey my sincere appreciation to all and sundry – they have all played a major role in forming Daniel’s personality and provide him with the confidence that was much needed.

Nico Theunissen

I give thanks every day for finding your school. Your passion for teaching and love for your students permeate everything you do and inspire everyone around you! My daughter has transformed from a child lacking in self-esteem, convinced she was stupid, to a confident and intelligent young woman. You and your tutors are doing an ‘Amazon’ job and it is with both joy and sadness that we say good-bye. But somehow I sense I will continue to keep in touch with you and your remarkable school. May you continue to evolve and grow from success to success. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas of peace and harmony.

All our love
Karyn, Mike & Thal

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you and your tutors for the most fabulous work you have done with Rox over the past number of years. The unending support and care that has come, from not one but many of you, has helped Rox become the wonderful person she is today. It is with sadness that we are now to part ways, but it is not goodbye. I hope to keep in touch with all as Brandon (my nephew) has the same wonderful journey over the next few years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Please pass on my thanks to all the people, including you, Angela, who have played such a vital role.

All the best always
Sue H

Thanks for all that you have done for Dean’s schooling during the years that he attended My Tutor and Teaching Centre.
Wishing you and your school all the very best into the future!


To all the teachers at My Tutor Centre
Thank you to all for the help and teaching of Klaudia and Erich. They enjoyed their time in your school. All the best to the teachers and the school.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.
The Van Zyl family

Dear Tanya
Thank you so much for your hard work and entertainment throughout the year. You have definitely been the most fun teacher I have ever met.
You differ from the average teacher these days and all schools need someone like you to lighten up the mood of a dull school atmosphere.