Emmerentia dam is full of dogs, there are whippets running hyperly, snauzchers bouncing around and poodles strolling by watching all the dogs other judgingly. owners ogs are unaware of the social status and the dramas between the different dogs. In this short story I will show you the dramatic lifes of these dogs. Poochy is the most pampered dog in the whole park. Her owners are practically slaves to her cuteness. They buy her dog clothes, wash her every two days and give her the best dog treats.Except these are the normal benefits of being a poodle, what has really got her to the top is her cruelness towards other dogs. She walks into the gates of the park and yaps (or what she would call it her ” I’m here now” bark.)

Two small daschunds run up to her
“Hello Poochy” The say similtaneosly and obediently.
” Get me my chewy toy NOW!”
“Yes Poochy”
The two daschunds run away quickly and Poochy walks to her special bed next to the waters edge.

Today is the big game, it is the Pitbulls United and the Bonebreaker Boerebulls that will be competing for the cup. Dogs are sitting everwhere around the field.

“Who do you think is going win”asked Duke the Pug
“I don’t know , the pitbulls played well last but the boerbulls have won the cup before.” said Fred the labrador.
“Sshhh their coming on” said a Jack russel to the right of Duke.
The first team out are the Pitbulls, they run around the edge of the field barking. Their fans bark back and howl.
Next is the Boerbulls who slowly walk into the centre of the field and show their teeth. Their fans also show their teeth and growl at the opposing team.

Once the crowd has calmed down and the teams have gotten into position the referee comes out. He pulls out a bone and shows it to the audience who in reply bark and howl. The referee drops the bone and quickly moves out the way.

Razor sprints across the field and grabs the bone first but he is quickly stopped by a Boerbull named Draco who knocks him out the way and grabs the bone. Pitpulls fly through the air trying to stop Draco but he dodges them all. The dogs’ barks get louder and more crazed as Draco gets closer and closer to the goals. A few metres from the goals Razor rams Draco who falls down. Razor grabs the bone and turns around but out of nowhere Draco bites his leg , Razor yaps and bites Draco back. Before you know it there is a full on fight. Other dogs restrain them and the match goes on.

“Good game” says Duke
“I know, I did not expect the pitbulls to win” said Fred
“Yeah expecially after Razor was beaten up by Draco”
“I heard Draco is Razors neighbour and they have been fighting for territory for ages.”said Fred.

“Poochy Poochy wake up.” Shouts the two daschunds from before.
” Its Draco he attacked razor during the game. Razor had to be taken to the vet.” They said frantically.
“What where is Draco”
“Hes by the dam.”

Draco was by the water drinking and thinking ( not that hard.) when Poochy came she bashed through the other dogs and barked at Draco who turned around worringly.
“What were you thinking, I told you not to mess up the game!”screamed Poochy with rage.
“I’m sorry I…I won’t do it again I swear.” Only Poochy could turn a strong Boerebull into a small puppy
Poochy’s eyes went red and smoke came from her ears.
“You stupid mutt,there is no next time you had to win so I could get the money!”
“Please I didn’t mean to”
“No please”
“Shut up you must leave and never come back!” screamed Poochy
Draco slowly walked towards the gate asshamed.

Will Draco leave willingly?
Will Poochy feel guilty?
find out next time on
Dogs day out