MTTC encourages the expression of creativity in many ways, especially through our practical subjects – Art & Design, Drama, Hospitality and Computer Applications Technology (CAT). Many of our learners excel in these fields, not only within the academic environment but also in external competitions. This is evident in the exceptional results they achieve.


Art & Design introduces learners to a new way of looking at and interpreting the world around them. Learners are encouraged to explore various materials and methods to expand their knowledge. Through the process of layering, adding and subtracting, learners begin to understand the give-and-take process that is required to create a successful piece of work.


Drama is one of the strongest mediums of expression. Learners develop self-control, discipline and tolerance, as well as, the ability to understand others’ motives and choice. These are essential tools and techniques that can help reinforce and further learning in other academic subjects. Through drama, our learners explore new roles and can seek solutions to dilemmas in their own life or those faced by characters in literature or history.


By teaching our learners basic hospitality skills, we not only prepare them for future employment, but also equip them with the necessary tools to start their own business. Hospitality covers many aspects and offers wide variety; it is one of the fastest growing and dynamic industries in the world. Hospitality opens a door to wonderful and exciting opportunities for those who wish to see the world, as many countries offer a diverse range of career opportunities in this field.


CAT introduces learners to the interesting and comprehensive world of computers. Through fun and interactive activities, learners become equipped with the necessary computer skills needed, both for future studies as well a foundation for professional computer use.