JG Oosthuizen, now 20, had an accident at the age 17 and became a quadriplegic. Due to his condition, he needs a caregiver at all times.

He has to be moved every two to three hours while in bed to prevent bed sores, and his everyday needs like hygiene, dressing and feeding are taken care of by the caregiver. Two caregivers are on 24 hour shifts that last for 4 days each.

He received a donation of a specialist converted vehicle that allows for him to be wheeled into the back of the vehicle and secured while still in his wheelchair. A monthly amount of R25 000 is required to maintain the caregivers and the vehicle.

This positive young man’s optimism and zest for life are inspiring. He has shown our entire community that the only disability is a bad attitude!

If you would like to help JG achieve his fundraising target, so he can secure his long-term future through education, please visit BackaBuddy. Monthly debit order donations are also welcome.